Targeted Web Solutions

We find optimal solutions for your unique business challenges, including

Custom Web Applications

Web development is our core competency, with expertise in eCommerce sites, intranet portals, and other Web apps that require custom integration with client systems.

We’ve built Web applications for a range of business needs:

  • Streamlining, automating, and tracking client business data and information
  • Facilitating networked B2B relationships
  • Improving distributor interactions, sales, and maintenance workflows
  • Designing remote device networking and management, with increased performance and visibility

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    Middleware Development

    Are you using legacy CRM or ERP applications that hold you back in the modern Web landscape? We integrate your legacy backend systems with modern web applications.

    Our middleware work meets diverse client requirements, such as:

    • Integrating multiple sources of data into a modern web application
    • Upgrading legacy data architecture to enhance performance
    • Real time integration with improved performance and user experience

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      Device Communications

      We develop systems for efficient, remote management of numerous commercial devices. These systems are designed for scalability, performance, usability, and security.

      We have developed or consulted on such diverse areas as medical devices and banking machines, including:

      • Management of device configurations, upgrades, and repairs
      • Device monitoring and notifications
      • Trending and data analytics on device performance, users, system resources, and more

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        Modular Application Management System

        To facilitate our clients’ management of their Web applications, we developed a modular application management system (AMS). We customize the AMS so clients may build, modify, and manage one or many Web sites through one system.

        Benefits of the system:

        • Accessible from range of mobile devices or computer
        • Flexible design of Web pages, colors, images, content
        • Modifications of Web site easily implemented
        • Range of user permissions controlled by administrator
        • Bank-level security for eCommerce, banking, or medical sites
        • Regular updates of AMS provided by Plus 3 Interactive

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          The Development Process

          In big projects and small, Plus 3 Interactive builds value and well-crafted solutions through our defined development process. Before beginning work on a project, we gather information from the client and tailor an end-to-end project plan based on the client’s requirements.

          The project plan is a deliverable that we present to the client at the start of the project. It details information architecture, design, and development steps, including schedules, deliverables for each phase, responsibilities, and much more...

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            Our Process